The Big (and not so big) Questions Game

question_mark_4I have a friend in Oregon Greg Gerding who has the delightful habit of posting questions to facebook and by virtue of their unusual or playful nature, they elicit tons of response. For example:

People grossly underestimate the power of ____________________.
A good cup of coffee
Common sense
A woman with an open heart

I love reading the variety of responses…the moods & tones that show up and I’m inspired to create my own questions game.

I’m generally drawn to what I call “Big” questions.  The kinds of questions we ask when we’re really going deep with ourselves or another.  Questions that, when answered from the deepest place, point to our values and our purpose and can give birth to profound life change.

Yet, I’d like to play with this a bit too.  So I’m going to start putting some questions out on facebook and see who’s intrigued.  If you’d like to play with me, I would truly love to hear your answers.  Here’s today’s question:

If you could accomplish only one thing in the rest of your life, what would it be?

Let the game begin and check back to see what others are saying.  And, if you’d like to keep playing this game, be sure to join Inner Life Explorations on facebook.

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