The Beauty of Completion

Print 1Each year, as the New Year approaches, I do a Best Year Yet Process to create my intentions and determine areas of focus for the coming year. It all starts very organically.  Sometime in the last quarter as fall settles in, I find myself starting to get excited about something I want to do or something I’ve recently learned about myself. I start to get a sense of what my new learning edge is and I get curious about how I can best lean into that edge.

So I make notes in my journal and by January I launch into the process. One of the things that makes this process powerful, is that it utilizes completion. The idea being that how we best create space, time, energy, excitement and commitment to something new is by completing the past.

I make a list. Looking at this last year, what am I disappointed with? What were my accomplishments? What did I learn? And how do I get in my own way? This is a very powerful inventory that acts as the fuel for new directions. I mine these lists for information about where I need to shift. Since I’m all about freedom, consciousness and remembering my wholeness, I look to see what is wanting my attention and where is my life energy best directed with who I am NOW.

A completion process is useful in many different ways, not just in creating the next year of your life. Whether a project has just come to an end or even a relationship, there are key questions you can ask yourself and share the answers to in order to consciously bring closure.

  1. What am I disappointed, frustrated, not please with? What didn’t work?
  2. What did I like, was pleased with, feel good about? What worked?
  3. What did I/We accomplish?
  4. Is there anything else to say?
  5. What do I want to be acknowledged for & who do I wish to acknowledge?

I have seen these questions used in situations pregnant with disappointment, pain, sadness…and transform them into moments of clarity and heart opening. I have used these questions to mediate conflict. And to celebrate success. Completion is very powerful. By using it with another, we come into alignment energetically with another. By using it with ourselves, we open the space for something new.

You may wish to inquire….what in you needs to be called into completion? Are you holding any resentment from past circumstances? Are you weighed down by some project or plan that drags behind you like a ball and chain? Is there a relationship that ended but some things were left unsaid? Is there someone in your life with whom you’ve had conflict (or avoidance of conflict)?

Try the completion questions….first with yourself, and if needed, with another. See if you can notice a new level of freedom arise within you. Completion. It’s a beautiful thing.

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