Tamra Rutherford is a coach and guide in the pioneering field of consciousness exploration. Her life’s path has been consistently guided by a passionate dedication to personal growth, self-exploration and the art of masterful living.

She pushes the boundaries of what is possible by guiding clients through altered states of consciousness, offering innovative ways to explore relationship and teaching the creative application of life skills. Tamra leads with her passion for depth, love of freedom and an unwavering commitment to tell the truth.

The breadth of her training as a coach and guide combined with her extensive background in activism and corporate leadership has uniquely positioned Tamra to facilitate massive transformation for individuals and small groups.

Tamra lives in Santa Barbara with her husband, Simon D’Arcy, and she is grateful for his magical presence which has a way of transforming the impossible into the possible. She actively participates in a diversity of communities, where she is reliably a beloved and sought after leader, ally and friend.

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