The Big (and not so big) Questions Game

question_mark_4I have a friend in Oregon Greg Gerding who has the delightful habit of posting questions to facebook and by virtue of their unusual or playful nature, they elicit tons of response. For example:

People grossly underestimate the power of ____________________.
A good cup of coffee
Common sense
A woman with an open heart
Pheromones [Read more…]

The Beauty of Completion

Print 1Each year, as the New Year approaches, I do a Best Year Yet Process to create my intentions and determine areas of focus for the coming year. It all starts very organically.  Sometime in the last quarter as fall settles in, I find myself starting to get excited about something I want to do or something I’ve recently learned about myself. I start to get a sense of what my new learning edge is and I get curious about how I can best lean into that edge. [Read more…]