I’m doing the best I can (AND I can do better)

Today was money meeting day.  We (my husband Simon and I) regularly hold these pow-wows to “get real” about our finances. This particular meeting resulted in feelings of disappointment & frustration over the fact that our income barely covers our expenses and, as it turns out, lately we’re literally spending more than we make. In spite of hard work and reasonably high earnings, apparently we’re not “getting ahead”, whatever that means.

That’s one perspective.  Another, equally valid perspective is that we have a rich life full of incredible flow…. we enjoy substantial income, money to spend on continued learning & growth (our passions) and we have always paid our bills on time. Plus, we are abundant in the realm of non-monetary wealth: community, family and health.  It’s a paradox.  Both are true. Finances can become too tight for comfort AND we’re doing just fine.  We experience a sense scarcity AND we feel fabulously abundant. [Read more…]

Faith & Surrender

946966_646615692023295_1646255646_nThere are only two essential ingredients to undertaking deep, transformative work when accessing altered states of consciousness. Faith & Surrender.

When we embrace FAITH, we are trusting that whatever occurs is exactly what is needed. It matters not whether the experience we have is difficult or joyful, whether we become terrified or melt into formless bliss. Everything that occurs is perfect and offers us the very next step on our own unfolding path. [Read more…]