“My core value is freedom. The kind of freedom that comes with compassionate self-acceptance and simply being with what is, instead of endlessly striving to fix something that really wasn’t broken to begin with.”

Freedom is the guiding value of Tamra’s work. Freedom arises in direct proportion to our willingness and skillfulness with practicing faith and surrender.

Faith is the knowing that whatever shows up in your life is exactly what needs to show up. How do you know? You know because it is here. You can trust that.

Surrender is getting out of the way and letting go of any resistance. As we lean a little bit more into what is uncomfortable, we find an inner resilience that serves our highest aspirations and dreams.

What most threatens freedom is fear. Fear keeps us from taking risks, telling the truth, and letting other people in. When fear is in play we find ourselves in a prison where we have willingly, if unconsciously, given up our freedom of choice and expression. As we release ourselves from living from the confines of fear we move ever more steadily into the realm of freedom.

Everyone is looking for a particular experience of freedom. Perhaps there are certain relationships to examine, sensations to breathe into, or longings and desires to be named in order to see what is holding you back from what you most want.

Working in partnership with Tamra, you will discover and explore what flavor of freedom you most long for as you chart a path to live more fully from this freedom, which is nothing short of your birthright.

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