“I am passionate about relationship and I advocate transparency, vulnerability and authenticity as a path to creating deeply profound connections.”

Connection is what reminds us that we are not alone. Yet many of us find ourselves disconnected within intimate relationships and from community. Some of us don’t have enough contact with people in general, while others are left wanting more from the relationships and communities we are already a part of.

If your wish is to cultivate deeper connection, learning how to live in transparency, authenticity and vulnerability will move you in that direction.

Transparency is the practice of allowing yourself to be fully seen by others as you are in the present moment. When you try to control outcomes or perceptions in relationship by withholding, filtering or strategizing, you create a rift across which true connection cannot flow. As you find the courage to let yourself be seen as you are, you will experience a deepening in the quality of connection in your relationships.

Authenticity is being who you really are. It’s about being the real you, not some version that is designed to get a specific response from others. From a young age, most of us learned to become adept in changing how we show up in life to get things we want, to avoid things we don’t, or to please others. Freeing yourself to be the real you inspires the people you know to do the same and attracts new people in your life who share your commitment. More authenticity leads to more fulfilling connections in your life.

Vulnerability is the feeling that arises when you let down your guard and open yourself to being affected by others. This means that you give yourself full permission to feel all your feelings whether alone or in the presence of others. The more vulnerability you open yourself to experience, the more trustworthy you become and the more intimacy you develop. The experience of vulnerability is essential to meaningful and deep connection.

Trust and intimacy arise when you practice living in transparency, allow yourself to be authentically who you are, and open to the experience of vulnerability. The connection you crave awaits and you hold the key.

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