Inner Life Explorations Comes Out

InnerLife_logo_vertical_white[2]Drum roll please….the Inner Life Explorations website is born, today January 22, 2012.  And, I’d love it if you took a look…read the blog, leave a comment, enjoy the quotes, participate in the Big Questions Game and just give it some of your good juju.

Back in May 2010, when I first had the inspiration to create a website to better reflect who I’d become as a coach, a guide, a woman and a passionate inner explorer, I figured it’d be done by the end of June.  Yeah…pretty silly right?

Well, it was kind of silly actually, because although I knew in my bones what had shifted inside of me, trying to articulate those shifts, much less represent them graphically was beyond my abilities.  Thank goodness that there are people who are absolute masters at such things.

So first, I procrastinated.  Then I got busy.  Then I got distracted. Then I debated the worth of even having a website for the kind of work I do (which usually comes to me by word of mouth).  And then I got frustrated.  You see I’m a bit of a completion freak, so having such a big, loose-end was starting to gnaw at me.

Then…I relaxed and let grace have some space.

What happened?  Well the way grace usually happens – with spontaneity, synchronicity and ease.  I worked with a client who just happened to know a great writer.  We met, we connected, she COMPLETELY got me and a beautiful relationship was born.  I casually reached out to friends with talent, mentioned what I was up to and help was presented (btw, bartering is a beautiful thing).  From this a stunning logo and a sharp website design were created.  Then I fell in love with another new friend’s artwork and was given permission to use some on the site.

Then the best part happened…I got excited.  I found my voice and started blogging.  It started to feel familiar…like it DID represent a piece of me.  And, I got to enjoy working with these four fine people who helped it to grow and come to term.

My gratitude and deep respect go out to the beautiful souls who came to me in the arms of grace…

Brand Development – Tricia Evenson, Evenson Design Group
Website design – Wayne Marshall, Kaizen Marketing
Copy writing – Erica Schreiber, WriterErica
Watercolor art – Meganne Forbes, Meganne Forbes Gallery

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