Faith & Surrender

946966_646615692023295_1646255646_nThere are only two essential ingredients to undertaking deep, transformative work when accessing altered states of consciousness. Faith & Surrender.

When we embrace FAITH, we are trusting that whatever occurs is exactly what is needed. It matters not whether the experience we have is difficult or joyful, whether we become terrified or melt into formless bliss. Everything that occurs is perfect and offers us the very next step on our own unfolding path.

We may not immediately know what the “applicable value” of an experience is. But if we have faith, and we’re open to seeing what might useful, clarity will arise. How can you know that this thing, this experience, this thought, this action, this feeling, this insight or this confrontation is what you need? Because it’s here.

SURRENDER is the act of letting go. Really letting go…of the things that are most difficult. Like control, knowing, identity.  It occurs only when ego has loosened it’s grip, if only for a moment.  When we move from ordinary into non-ordinary states of consciousness, the ego starts to panic. And, you know how egos are…they have a tendency towards hysteria. So ego will start to fight for control. The mind may become active with scary thoughts. The emotions may intensify. The body may get uncomfortable. This is resistance.  And resistance is ego’s favorite control mechanism.

So we must learn to surrender. Now, this isn’t like saying to yourself “okay, now I’m going to surrender” just as you might decide to go for a walk. It’s more like a subtle and slight energetic relaxing. You actively surrender by just leaning a little toward whatever is occurring. Energetically, just turning your self toward that resistance. This is letting go.

Both of these skills can be learned by the way. When we practice challenging ego’s command & control leadership style, and instead place our most essential nature in the driver seat, we get to practice faith & surrender again and again. And it gets easier. We start to see the perfection of each unfolding moment. We start to feel the peace and ease of surrender. And this becomes the desired path even as we fall into the abyss of an altered state, not knowing who we’ll be when we return.


To trust in the force that moves the universe is faith.
Faith isn’t blind, it’s visionary.
Faith is believing that the universe is on our side,
and that the universe knows what it’s doing.
Faith is a psychological awareness of an unfolding force for good,
constantly at work in all dimensions.
Our attempt to direct this force only interferes with it.
Our willingness to relax into it allows it to work on our behalf.
Without faith, we’re frantically trying to control
what it is not our business to control,
and fix what it is not in our power to fix.
What we’re trying to control is much better off without us,
and what we’re trying to fix can’t be fixed by us anyway.
Without faith, we’re wasting time.

~ Marianne Williamson

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