Workshops and Retreats

Tamra offers workshops and retreats for small groups. Part of the path towards creating and deepening community is revealing our deepest heart in the presence of others doing the same. Tamra is a natural at holding space for small groups whiles simultaneously holding each person with love, affection and deep seeing.

Recent offerings with colleague Maggie Rauen:

“Eat-PLAY-Love” a weekend retreat for couples.
“Creating Your Best Year”
a day-long visioning and goal setting workshop.


Tamra and her husband Simon D’Arcy offer deep retreat work for couples and small groups. Simon brings a laser-sharp focus that helps people find their growing edge.  His unique insights and embodied masculine knowing meet Tamra’s feminine perspective to provide an unusually powerful container for relational and deep inner explorations.

Recent offerings with Simon

“Conscious Living” 
“The Drama Dance”

“Journey Toward Wholeness”


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