Undefended Love

Are you ready to find out how deeply you can love?

“When our commitment to knowing and revealing ourselves is greater than the need to hide, protect, or defend – or to blame others – we pull on a thread that promises to unravel all the layers of protection that keep us isolated and disconnected.  Dissolving the barriers of self-defense is the first task on the path to fulfilling our longing to live with an undefended heart.”
~ From Undefended Love

•    Are you committed to a path of self-awareness & deep inquiry?
•    Are you ready to consider relationship as a powerful spiritual practice?

If so, this 10 week workgroup process is for you. We will explore the path outlined in Undefended Love by Jett Psaris PhD and Marlena Lyons, PhD., as a way to do our own work within relationship. This process lays the groundwork to guide you towards your essential nature using relationship as a vehicle for self-discovery.

“Undefended Love has had a powerful influence on my relationship and consciousness.  This work has been essential to realizing my intention of living an undefended life – where my heart is wide open and I open to living in vulnerability as I endeavor to love more deeply.  I recognize this to be life-long work that requires the support of others to carry it forward. I created the workgroup process so we can support and learn from each other.”

What people are saying…
“My life has honestly been transformed by my experience of this work.  It is helping me make much clearer choices. I feel very grateful and excited for this new awareness.“ – NG

“OMG…I’m loving all this.  The honesty, the vulnerability, being able to get clarity and support, and most importantly that we are reaching out to one another in this amazing way.” – AW

Future dates to be announced.



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