Do you feel constrained in your life, living with less meaning and purpose than you crave? Do you have a sense of being stuck?

Together with Tamra, you will explore what it takes to create a life filled with freedom, purpose and connection.  Bold conversations and powerful questions about your core values and sources of inspiration reveal insights that move you in the direction of experiencing life in new, exciting and deeply fulfilling ways.

You’ll learn to master core life skills like being at choice instead of being in reactivity, accepting and appreciating all parts of yourself and to have a healthy relationship to your emotions.

In the coaching relationship, you’ll both deepen your learning and further your action in the world.  This is the key to integrating all that you’ll discover about yourself into your day-to-day life.

Discover how powerful it can be to bring your every day life into alignment with who you are.  Bring your life into a true state of flow.

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