Whether you are seeking life skills that they just don’t teach in school or the kind of awakening that only comes from journeying to your innermost landscapes with a masterful guide, you are in the right place to get exactly what you most desire and need.

There are many levels of exploration – from behaviors and choices, to values and beliefs, all the way down into unconscious material.

941492_10200739483183870_1367561944_nThe iceberg is a perfect metaphor for this work of becoming self aware.  What you can see above the water lies only about 1/8 of your conscious awareness.   But below the water is a mass of unconscious material including memories, wounds, habits, beliefs, ancestral and architypal content.  When brought into the light of awareness, these discoveries open the way healing and happiness.

Whatever methods Tamra employs in your explorations, she will trust in the natural healing intelligence of the body/mind to guide the pace and timing of your work.  Marrying trust, organicity and skilled facilitation, Tamra will help you to enjoy a beautiful and rewarding journey into wholeness.

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